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St. Petersburg in the Mirror

«Ecros» («Ecology of Russia») is the leading Russian company manufacturing chemical and laboratory equipment. The «Ecros» company began its activity on the chemical market in 1990. The company's priority trend of activity is to provide a broad spectrum of products and services in the field of equipping and procurement for ecologo-analytical, petrochemical, production, training and research laboratories.

The «Ecros» company has managed to open new possibilities for domestic laboratories. It is the first Russian chemical company, which began to produce modern laboratory furniture, auxiliary equipment, polypropylene dishware. We provide specialist training and maintenance of the supplied equipment, carry out development of projects on optimal equipping of laboratories, preparation of laboratories for accreditation. The company's dynamic development is facilitated by the necessary infrastructure: its own production base, shops, specialised ware-houses, vehicles.

«Ecros» takes care of the future generation of chemists. The company's specialists have elaborated a new complete set of training laboratory furniture for schools and a special set for carrying out of laboratory works on chemistry. The company supports young specialists: conducts seminars, scientific and practical conferences, annually institutes scholar-ships for students of the Chemistry Department of the St.Petersburg State University, arranges probation periods at city chemical enterprises. Our company is the Laureate of Russian and foreign international trade shows. In 1999-2000 the company was awarded 20 diplomas for the perfect quality of products, the use of most advanced achievements of science and engineering in the production. Biggest enterprises in all areas of the country prefer the «Ecros» quality. The advantages of cooperation with the company are unquestionable. Our regional representation offices are operating in 14 Russian cities. In St. Petersburg, the exhibition salons «Modern laboratory» are operating, by visiting of which one can familiarise oneself with any product and get a detailed specialist consultation.

Among company's permanent customers are biggest Russian enterprises and organisations: RAO (Russian Joint-Stock Company) Gazprom, LUKoil, AO Norilsk Nickel, Urengoygazprom, centres of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision Authority (Gossanepid-nadzor), water-supplying enterprises (Vodokanal), committees for environment protection. The biggest Western companies: «Procter & Gamble», «Gillette», «NESTE», «Galina Blanca», «British American Tobacco» etc. became our customers. Our partners are leading world companies: Merck, Haltermann, Lauda – Germany, Standard – Poland, Mettler Toledo – Switzerland, SocTrade – Sweden, Hanna Instruments, Hewlett-Packard – USA, Equip Labo – France, A&D – Japan as well as many others. Relations with western manufacturers are permanently developed, we aim to expand our international relations and contacts.

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